Thailand’s Elephant Sanctuary is Struggling without Tourists

What can we do?

We should be used to the excellent videos that Flora and Note regularly post and once again they have have come up with the goods! This video is a tad different from their norm… focusing on the plight of the animals that are – in one way or another – dependent upon tourism… and in this case the main focus is on Thailand’s rescued elephants.

The Elephant Sanctuary here on Samui is incredibly well respected, and the staff working there are completely devoted to the well being of the elephants in their care. That said, the running costs of their care are funded by tourists visiting the sanctuary, and donations. Since tourism has taken an awful hit here on the island (Thank you Covid!) the elephant sanctuary – and all other animal care organisations – are struggling very VERY badly.

They need help… like… NOW!

Samui Elephant Sanctuary

Flora and Note have produced a wonderful video highlighting the desperate plight of animal sanctuaries and their like in general, but the elephant sanctuaries here on Samui in particular.

This truly is a video to watch, and Flora and Note’s commitment to this particular cause can be judged by the sub-heading on the thumbnail of their video…  ‘WHAT WE CAN DO’

Maybe if you are passing you could pay the sanctuary a visit, highly recommended.

Samui Elephant Sanctuary

If you are interested in learning more about Samui Elephant Sanctuary and to donate, visit their website:

BIG thanks to Flora and Note for making this video and ‘putting it out there’… TOP NOTCH guys… top notch!

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Written by Alan Brewis

Since arriving in Samui over 20 years ago bike freak Alan has been ordained a Buddhist monk, worked with the Royal Thai police, been a volunteer for Samui Rescue and started @bonsaisamui, @samuifireworks & @samuitv.


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