Koh Samui 2021 Cinematic

If there is only one video that could convince you to come and visit our rather special little island, then this is it… no ifs… no buts… this is THAT video.

Yanni Acott has put together a beautiful, emotive and evocative video that really does sum-up just how special Thailand – and Koh Samui in particular – can be.

If you ask them, the vast majority of ex-pats that now live here on Samui will tell you essentially the same story… they came for a short holiday… then came back for a slightly longer holiday… then came back for a 3 month stay… which – next time – turned into a 6 month stay and involved lots of hours with pen, paper, and calculator, attempting to figure out just how they could move here permanently!

Samui reels you in like a fish on a hook, and there is little you can do to fight it!

Koh Samui from the air.

As Yanni says… Samui is suffering badly from the lack of tourism – the island’s major source of income. Sadly, many businesses have closed (mine being one of them) and family shops that have been open for generations, or at least decades, are shutting-up shop never to re-open.

Koh Samui in 2021

There is no point trying to cover-up the tragedy that Covid has wrought on the island… BUT… as Yanni so eloquently put it… the Thai have held on to the thing that Thailand is famed for… their legendary smiles.

Yanni ‘bares his soul’ a bit in this short video, and makes it a very personal message – from his heart – and with his narration over some of the most beautiful shots of Samui people, along with terrific drone video… he has managed to create a very professional, well edited ‘snap-shot’ of the island which says so much about why so many of we ‘Felang’ (foreigners) fall in love with Koh Samui.

2 words… WATCH IT!

Yanni Acott in Koh Samui in 2021

More from Yanni Acott on Instagram & Youtube

Koh Samui in 2021
Koh Samui in 2021
Yanni Acott in Koh Samui in 2021

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Written by Alan Brewis

Since arriving in Samui over 20 years ago bike freak Alan has been ordained a Buddhist monk, worked with the Royal Thai police, been a volunteer for Samui Rescue and started @bonsaisamui, @samuifireworks & @samuitv.


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