Chinese Noodles on Koh Samui

Cheap Food (and Yummy!)

Almost everyone knows that rice is a staple food in almost every Asian country, and is the base for so many truly incredible tasty dishes. But Noodles – in many varieties – come a very (VERY) close 2nd behind rice. Noodle restaurants and street-side vendors can be seen all over Samui, and are frequented as much by local (and visiting) Thais as by foreigners, tourists, and ex-pats.

Noodle stands are incredibly popular in Thailand, and for very good reason! They are used as the base of some of the yummiest dishes you could ever taste… from simple ‘noodles with veggies up to the spiciest and most exotic creations made by some of the more specialist noodle restaurants.

Generally the street-side noodle stalls provide tasty (and cheap!) noodle dishes, and will give you a selection of ingredients to choose from, so you can effectively get yourself a ‘custom-made’ noodle dish! How cool is that? 🙂

You can usually tell the best noodle stands, as news travels quickly around our little island, and those noodle vendors with a good reputation will almost always have a good number of customers tucking into their tasty meals.

As far as finding a ‘good’ noodle stand is concerned, Chris Parker has done a brilliant job of doing all the leg-work on our behalf and has discovered a noodle stand that he classes as ‘one of the best’ on the island. (Nice work Chris!).

Chris will most definitely have you drooling as you watch just what goes into making this particular version of a noodle ‘soup’… so follow Chris as he prepares to enjoy a tasty treat from one of the best noodle stands on Samui!

You can see more of Chris’ videos on his channel ‘Retired Working For You

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Written by Alan Brewis

Since arriving in Samui over 20 years ago bike freak Alan has been ordained a Buddhist monk, worked with the Royal Thai police, been a volunteer for Samui Rescue and started @bonsaisamui, @samuifireworks & @samuitv.


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